PDP is A Sleeping GIANT, ATIKU is the Hope- Ola Fabiyi

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  1. Alabi bayonle christopher says:

    Hmmmmm… I wish the way people talk is how they are the whole world should have be a better place to stay. PDP just carry the the symbol but people inside are not represent that symbol. I hardly see them stick to their words and thier integrity but all are seeking for their selfishness gain. The last election 2019 exposed many we thaught they have integrity without knowing that the little opportunity they gave them was brutally abused and it revealed to us that even if that election was won by our principal AA many of us may not be recognise neither have any impact in the administration. The whole Nigerians knows that Atiku is the answer to all this problems because he was there with his boss when the country was about to go into relegation then during military era and he and his boss baba obasanjo came together and fixed the dilapidated country back to His track. But many people in that great party PDP are greedy and selfish. At Apco then we saw how everything was running. It was boy friend and girlfriend affairs or my best friend affairs to the extend if you are not loyal to the people in charge then or known very well you go no where and all benefits can not reach you. Honestly God knows why the mantle was not given to PDP that time may be with set of people on board then Nigeria may be worst than this. Well, Nigeria is our country and our prayer is let God give us a Good fearing leader with the cabinet that will work with him. Atiku is coming for sure because God can not lie but the people that will work with him is my fear. Thanks

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